This story contains elements that may be disturbing to young or sensitive users. These elements include blood, violence, language, sexual themes, drug references, and other heavy themes. If you are under the age of 13 or a sensitive reader, turn back now or proceed with caution. Also, this story is written in both a play and novel format. When characters speak, it goes into play format.

Characters Edit

NOTE: Higher role characters are higher on the list.

Lt. Daryl Rays- Lieutenant in the United States Army. Main protagonist.

Zael Alkarov- Leader of Soviet Union 2.0 from 2025 to 2043. Main villain.

Cpl. Richard Hoffman- Corporal in United States Army.

Cpt. Alfred Erics- Captain in the British S.A.S.

Eric A. Harrison (only in flashbacks)- President of United States before the atomic bomb of 2034.

Sgt. Yuri Kamrov (only in flashback)- British Soldier during World War II

Gen. Mason Price (only in flashback)- General of the United States army back in 2034.

EAS: The Emergency Alert System broadcasting.

Prologue Edit

It's been a long time ever since the Soviet Union has fell and Russia has been acting strange for the years following. Russia has been secretly developing more and deadlier nuclear weapons ever since the Cold War came to an end. The year is 2034, when Russia finally attacked the United States. An atomic bomb similar to the one used against Hiroshima from World War II was dropped on Washington D.C. killing the president Eric A. Harrison and over 100,000 civilians. The United States Marines teamed up with the S.A.S. and declared war against the new "Soviet Union 2.0". Two soldiers, Lt. Daryl Rays and Cpl. Richard Hoffman were tasked with hunting down and killing Zael Alkarov, the leader of the Soviet Union 2.0.

Back in 2034:

Eric A. Harrison: You might want to keep studying Russia's actions, they appear to get more aggressive.

Gen. Mason Price: There were rumors of them teaming up with North Korea to produce atomic bombs similar to the ones we used back in 1945.

Lt. Daryl Rays: Those haven't been used in almost 100 years.

Gen. Mason Price: Correct, we should take all measures necessary to be ready if they are ever used again.

Eric A. Harrison: Then again, they have sent threats over and over again, but nothing happens.

Lt. Daryl Rays: Sir, we should still take them seriously, no matter how much they-

Rays was cut off when the power suddenly cut out then came back on. Shortly after, the EAS system began transmitting a message.

EAS: This is your Emergency Broadcast System. The United States Government has been asked to transmit this message to the all the states to the east coast. We have a potential nuclear threat sent by Russia. We advise all citizens to evacuate to the safe distance of approximately 5 miles.

Citizens outside immediately got in their vehicles and began fleeing from the area.

Gen. Mason Price: Get out of here quickly!

Eric A. Harrison: You two better get going while my transportation gets here.

Lt. Daryl Rays was already a few miles out until the EAS went off again.

EAS: This is your Emergency Broadcast System! We have a confirmed nuclear attack! Pleas-

The transmission was cut out by the sound of a bomb going off. A bright red mushroom cloud was behind Daryl as he outflew the blast. Both his general and the president was killed.

U.S. Marines: Day 1 Edit

Location: Classified

Date: September 6, 2034

A few days after the atomic bomb went off. Most states off the east coast were in total destruction. The British S.A.S. sent a transmission to the U.S. Marines.

Cpt. Alfred Erics: They got you too...damn.

Lt. Daryl Rays: Yeah, they got one of our generals and the president.

Cpt. Alfred Erics: We are sending in troops to infiltrate their territory, and we have some advanced weaponry in development.

Lt. Daryl Rays: What kind of "advanced weaponry?"

Cpt. Alfred Erics: Well, we have a complete iron suit that serves bullet protection and even some drones coming.

Lt. Daryl Rays: That sounds good.

Daryl ventured into the ruins of what was Washington D.C. Buildings completely vaporized, the White House destroyed, and corpses everywhere. He was safe from the radiation because of a HAZOP suit. He spotted some shadows in the distance around a corner.

Lt. Daryl Rays: Hey!

The shadows just stood there. Daryl approached them only to see them run fast. He followed the shadow down an alley, only to hear someone running behind him. A soldier rushed Daryl from behind and tried to hit him with a steel pipe. Daryl grabbed the soldier's arm and threw him to the ground. He put a foot on the soldier's chest and pointed a rifle at the head.

Lt. Daryl Rays: Speak!

Soldier: Rays?

Daryl recognized the voice.

Lt. Daryl Rays: Richard?

He took off the helmet to see it was Cpl. Richard Hoffman.

Cpl. Richard Hoffman: What are you doing here?

Lt. Daryl Rays: Just seeing the destruction. Why are you here?

Cpl. Richard Hoffman: Checking the east coast for any potential survivors.

Daryl noticed a few more shadows moving, hoping that they were more marines. The rest of the shadows were actually Soviets.