There exists a mystery that went around the Halo community ever since Halo 2. Reports of player spotting another player in the game, even though they started by themselves. In most cases, the party privacy was set to closed and 1 player only allowed. Halo 3 was a victim of this unusual occurrence as well as Reach. Reach however, appeared to be attacked the most. There was even a personal experience.

Personal Experience Edit

Armored Werewolf was a victim of what has been dubbed "The Ghost of Forge World". Obviously, the "Ghost" was spotted on a custom map in the map "Forge World". The map was a large race map filled with hazards and high jumps. During the race, passengers were allowed to use Plasma Pistols. These would temporarily stun the enemy vehicles. Players were reportedly being attacked by them, even though no one was using them. Eventually, parts of the tracks began to go missing and the map filter effects went into Purple (the map would go dark). The sudden changes resulted in deaths of all racers and they were put back at the start. A grid suddenly appeared on top of the starting area. Armored spawned a large window and sealed the area. Shortly after, a propane tank fell on top of the grid and the window vanished. From there, the Ghost just started to attack over and over again until Armored ended the game. The race map was no more and was converted into a map that shows the aftermath. Some parts of the race were still there along with objects that weren't there before. To this day, Armored never saw the Ghost again.

Myth Status Edit

Danger Level: High

Appearance: Normal player but with no name. May have glitched armor.

Area: Anywhere (most commonly in Forge World)

Description: What looks like a normal player but no name appears and movement appears to be glitched. Can also turn into Forge Mode and spawn and delete anything.

Security: If you really are by yourself, keep an eye on anything suspicious. Use theater mode and watch your session if you think something else was with you.

Extra Details Edit

These don't play much of a purpose to the mystery. But here some things related to the Ghost.

  1. If you do the itemless glitch and crouch, you will slide along like the Ghost. If you throw a grenade while doing this, you will enter a T-Pose. These will reset once you grab a gun or let go of crouch.
  2. Enter the passenger seat on a vehicle while itemless and you will stand up for some reason.
  3. If you severely lag the map, a player might become invisible (not like Active Camo).