Video games and myths/mysteries go hand and hand. GTA's Big Foot, Halo's Ghost Players, etc. For the most part, no one knows if these are actually in the game or what the purpose of them is. It is fun to take time in your favorite game and give them a little deeper look. And most of the time, they only have an effect on the gameplay. But, what if one mysterious entity from the game Saints Row 2 actually has an effect on the game itself?

Myth Origin Edit

Around 2010, players reported a shadow creature that freezes the game if you see it. To see what is called "The Freezer", you need to do these steps:

  1. Turn on "Never Die, Infinite Ammo, and Low Gravity" cheats. (super explosions are optional)
  2. Go into a game of Zombie Uprising and get the grenades.
  3. Use the grenade to launch yourself onto a ledge close to the ceiling.
  4. Throw another grenade and launch yourself at the ceiling.
  5. If you spawn on top of a floating surface above a void, just jump off and you will end up in the city.

Once you are in the city, The Freezer is free to attack. There are rare cases where The Freezer appears and the game not freezing, which allows a brief window to run. It's worth noting that The Freezer can appear on literally any surface. Road barriers, walls on buildings, the floor, literally any surface that casts shadows can show it. The Freezer looks like a shadow of a normal human but nothing casting the shadow is visible.

Multiplayer Edit

Yes, The Freezer doesn't just hide during Zombie Uprising. If you go to the Stillwater Museum map and do some severe glitching (like making props float on their own and running through walls), The Freezer will appear and freeze the host's game.

Signs Edit

Yes, there exists warning signs when The Freezer is about to strike. It's said that there is a small window of time before it actually appears. Some of these signs include:

  1. Sky becoming super bright
  2. Inside of buildings going missing
  3. Props becoming partially or completely invisible

After Effects Edit

Unlike other myths where the reportedly just attack or do nothing at all, this is a special case. Once The Freezer shows up, the game will freeze. Which is normal if something goes wrong. But one odd thing about this is what happens to the game itself. There are confirmed reports that games actually become damaged after seeing The Freezer. YouTuber MrSaintGodzilla221 shows that after encountering The Freezer, the game freezes upon selecting "Continue" "Load Game" or anything else that brings up the "Storage Device Selection" screen on the Xbox 360. Before, no known reports of the Freezer appearing on Playstation 3, PC, and Xbox 360 (digital version) existed, until now.

Playstation 3 Video (Possible Debunk?) Edit

One video shows someone on the Playstation 3 digital version, and shows a strange glitch. The player was on the roof of a crib (which one needs specification), and shows the textures of the floor began to glitch, but the Freezer never appeared. Is it possible that the Freezer is just a glitched shadow of the player? It is possible, but one big flaw exists for that theory. If the shadow is supposed to be the player, the shadow doesn't match. The shadow is standing still and in most cases, the player is moving and the poses don't match.

Myth Status Edit

If you wish to hunt The Freezer, be careful. The Xbox 360 physical copy can be damaged as stated above.

Danger Level: High (damages and freezes games)

Location: anywhere in Zombie Uprising (glitch to the city) and Stillwater Museum (multiplayer).

Possibility: Confirmed

Appearance: A shadow on a surface with nothing near it.

Console: Xbox 360 (Physical/Disk Copy). No known reports on Xbox 360 digital and any other console exists.

Protection: Have a second copy on standby in case the game gets damaged. If the game freezes, check the screen to make sure The Freezer isn't on screen. Be sure to relaunch the game immediately after to make sure you didn't get hit.

Personal Experience Edit

None of us in the Armored Werewolf Network or V.R.A.W. TV have seen The Freezer. Armored Werewolf's game did freeze recently, but The Freezer was no where to be found and the game launched perfectly after.

Extra Details Edit

These really don't play a purpose to the mystery, but if you want to know some things related to The Freezer and Zombie Uprising, here are some little more details.

  1. If you use the same cheats above but glitch inside a wall, the game will teleport you out and you will look like The Freezer.
  2. When you glitch to the city during Zombie Uprising, zombies can spawn in the city if they die from anything but you. Both the explosive and giant zombies can spawn in the city as well.
  3. The glitched city also has a tendency to have random objects being destroyed and players randomly getting thrown.
  4. Something similar happened in Saints Row 1. There was a glitch that causes multiplayer host's game to freeze and potentially damage their game.
  5. Perhaps the most important extra detail, The Freezer can have multiple different appearances and colors depending on what surface it appears on (ex. street barriers will make the shadow small and blue and areas like tunnels make it tall and white).
  6. If you glitch inside a wall and The Freezer appears, it will look like nothing but glitched textures.