Berzerk, an arcade game made by Atari. Berzerk has you blowing up robots in a small environment, go to the next room, and repeat. For the most part, it seems normal and harmless enough.

But, there exists something in the game that has gamers worldwide speculating about the actual danger of the game. Evil Otto is an invincible enemy that appears as a pixel smiley face. It appears if a player spends too much time on a level. But, what happened?

On January 1981, Jeff Dailey died of a heart attack after scoring 16,660. The other player Peter Burkowski got a high score big enough to the point where he was a high ranked in the leaderboards. He died shortly after. Because of these deaths reportedly caused by Evil Otto, the incidents were dubbed "Evil Otto's Curse".

Myth Status Edit

Myth: Evil Otto

Danger Level: High

Appearance: Anywhere (taking too long on a stage)

Security: Beat the level as fast as possible. Don't get too worked up, try to just have a fun time.

Possibility: Confirmed

Curse Status Edit

Myth: Deaths while playing Berzerk

Possibility: Confirmed (2 players did in fact die after playing)