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Star Wars: Rise of the Republic is a Star Wars Trilogy created by Nate Campbell, a member of this group. The trilogy is a backstory of Star Wars Episodes 7-9. It is the backstory of how a extremely powerful Jedi Knight named Vandar Lamar was once a sith lord by the name of Darth Torianous, and was controlled by the lords of the First Order. Sadily, he leaves his twin sister, Ameesa Unduli, a young and beautiful, but powerful and wise Jedi Knight, to fend for herself in the far known reaches of the galaxy. After 7 months of trying to find a new life, Ameesa finally found a new beginning with the new Jedi Order. Ameesa was sad for months. Ameesa told the Jedi that she wanted her brother to join her and together, they can destroy the biggest threat in the galaxy, the First Order. The Jedi sensed Ameesa's power in the force. She was very powerful and extremely wise in the force. Ameesa was trained in the force secretly so Vandar, A.K.A Darth Torianous didn't know about it. Aftera a little bit of time, Ameesa became the leader of the Republic, hiding her powers away from Darth Torianous so he wouldn't know what choice Ameesa made. Eventually, Ameesa found her Sith twin brother and attempted to save her. She was confronted by Royal Guardians of the First Order which was no trouble for her. Torianous stood behind Ameesa while she was fighting. He didn't move at all. Torianous would then be taken after Ameesa told him to come with her, and Ameesa would be air lifted out of the area by the newly formed Republic Army. Ameesa would later on confront the dark lord of the Sith, Darth Torianous, the now extrodinary, unnatural Sith Lord and they dueled. There's no questioning how Ameesa survived that duel, but she made it out alive. Darth Torianous would later on kill his master, bowed down to Luke Skywalker, and became the most powerful and dedly Jedi Master in the galaxy. Since then, Vandar has now trained two Jedi Knights, Accadi Durrun and Quinlan Tur, and had also met two soldiers, Roth-Del Chatak and Vrook Kreen. Vandar and Ameesa also met another Jedi Knight who is friends with Vandar. The Jedi's name is Priv Ghapol. Priv, Vandar, and Ameesa would work together to find Priv's master, Ahsoka Tano, who would eventually be kiled by Darth Heratis. Darth Heratis was Vandar's former partner, and was killed by Vandar during the Battle of Starkiler base on Starkiller Base. Vandar and his twin sister, Ameesa, the Jedi, and the Republic Army would go to war with the First Order. After four years of all out war, Vandar's recent apprentice, Rayle McPur, would be seduced to the dark side of the force by the Chancellor of the Republic, who was the Sith Lord named Darth Akken, who was once the Sith Lord that Vandar once faught with when he was Darth Torianous. Together, they would execute Order 67, which would eradicate only a half of the Jedi. On Drommund Kass, Rayle was waiting for Vandar so he could fight him. Coming off the shuttle that dropped off Vandar, Ameesa, and Roth-Del, was Ameesa and Roth-Del. He saw Roth-Del and force choked him to death. Ameesa ran to her and saw that Rayle had not only killed her husband, but she had knew right then and there that Rayle had turned to the dark side. Ameesa took out her primary yellow lightsaber and dueled Rayle. She was force pushed to the ground and was being force choked. Vandar walked on the ramp of the shuttle and told Rayle to let Ameesa go. Now, Vandar saw that Rayle had really turned to the dark side. Vandar was forced to fight his former apprentice, Rayle, on Dromund Kass, which was being blown up by the Republic. Vandar would be victorious and Rayle would be transformed into a Sith Lord called Darth Zettach. Vandar forced himself to go into hiding and alerted the remaining Jedi, including Ameesa, Priv, Quinlan, and Accadi to stay hiding until the time is right. Vandar said he was no longer the key to destroying the First Order and Ameesa disagreed. Ameesa wanted Vandar to stay in hiding with her because she loves her brother Vandar too much for him to leave her. Vandar said that he needed to follow his own path on his own. He told Ameesa "I hope I see you again soon," she kissed Vandar on the cheek, and hugged him. Vandar walked off the steps of the Jedi Temple on Tython. During the four year time period, Vandar also alerted the Republic Army to stay in combat so the First Order would think there is no more Jedi to kill. Now, every Jedi, including Ameesa and her crew, Accadi, Priv, and Quinlan, were all in hiding until they saw a new group of Jedi and Soldiers that could be trained by one of them. The next generation of soldiers and Jedi Knights are the key to destroying the First Order that is now lead by the former Padawan of Vandar Lamar, Darth Zettach, a.k.a Rayle McPur. The next generation will help the older Jedi in taking out the new threat that is the new First Order.

Star Wars Rise of the Republic I: The Force Unleashed Edit

Star Wars: Rse of the Republic I: The Force Unleashed is the first installment of the Star Wars: Rise of the Republic Trilogy. The story starts off 7 years after the Battle of Jakku, where a young Jedi Knight Vandar Lamar, and his twin sister, Ameesa Unduli, their parents, and their two brothers were home on their home planet of Naboo. Their parents were outside when a group of First Order Stormtroopers and two Sith Lords landed on the planet. One of the Sith Lords killed Vandar's father and killed his mother and brothers. Ameesa and Vandar ran downstairs to grab their weapons. Ameesa ran for her life, boarded a ship, and flew to saftey. Vandar was tooken by the two Sith Lords, Darth Verona and Darth Heratis. Many years later, Vandar would kill Darth Verona and join the Jedi. Vandar trained two powerful and wise Jedi Knights, Accadi Durron and Quinlan Tur. Vandar also got a friend by the name of Vrook Kreen to help them fight for peace. Ameesa went back to being a Jedi after she found out Vandar joined the Jedi. Vandar and Ameesa gathered a old friend of theirs who was a Jedi by the name of Priv Ghapol. Priv was trained by Ansoka Tano during the reign of Darth Torianous (A.K.A Vandar). They found Ahsoka on Kamino and went back to the Republic. They were all fighting for peace on Naboo, where a battle (Battle of Naboo) would take place. vandar found yet another old friend, Roth-del Chatak, to help them fight for peace. When Roth-Del first saw Ameesa, he fell in love with her. Ameesa felt the same way, but didn't want to express it, even though Vandar doesn't mind if she does. The new Republic, the new Republic Army, and the new Jedi Order were fighting the First Order all over the Outer Rim where darth Heratis and his new apprentices, Darth Mangus and General Lord, would attack the ancient Jedi Temple on Coruscant and kill every single Jedi in the temple. Then, the First Order's superweapon, Starkiller Base, destroyed the Hosnian System, which supported the Republic. However, it was only a small portion of the Republic they destroyed. Vandar traveled to Dathomir and got a old friend, Ausar the Vile, and Vandar, along with his twin sister, Ameesa, Ausar, and everyone else (the Republic and the Republic Army) went to the Starkiller Base to start a war with the First Order. They blew up the shield generator so the Resistance and the Republic Army could get in the base. By then, Ameesa, Vandar, Roth-Del, Ausar, Quinlan, Accadi, and Vrook lost a friend. Ahsoka Tano was killed by Darth Heratis, and Ameesa and Vandar wanted to seek their revenge on him. However, Ameesa's lightsaber was broken by a sharp piece of metal falling from the explosion of the shield generator. They finally saw Dath Heratis and Vandar was knocked out of Darth Heratis. Ameesa was forced to duel with Heratis with Vandar's lightsaber. She was also tooken down by Darth Heratis. Ameesa was thrown off the cliff and into the arms of Roth-Del. Vandar got up and him and Darth Heratis, once brothers among the First Order, had a deadly duel. Vandar would be victorious, killing Darth Heratis. The Starkiller Base blew up and the Jedi went back to Tython. They were in a room with Ahsoka's burning, dead body. They remembered her in peace as they lowered her in the ground. The next morning, the Republic, the Jedi Order, and the Republic Army were all on Tython, celebrating their victory over the First Order. Vandar has now a new apprentice, Rayle Mcpur, that is wise, powerful, an expert duelist, anf gifted in the force. They all celebrated their victory. However, they are not aware of the First Order's new power and what they will do the next day.  

Star Wars: Rise of the Republic II: The Path to War Edit

Star Wars: Rise of the Republic II: The Path to War is the second installment of the Star Wars: Rise of the Republic Trilogy. The story starts just a day after Star Wars: Rise of the Republic I. This is where the galaxy is now troubled by the First Order's new strength: embarking a war. Vandar Lamar now has two new blue lightsabers that are exactly the same. Vandar's appearence hasn't changed a lot. All he did was he got a blue and yellow/gold outlined cape and got rid of the upper arm armor. Ameesa Unduli now has two new yellow lightsabers. The hilts are the same except one hilt and blade is bigger than the other hilt and blade. Ameesa changes a little bit, but she still has all leather armor. Priv Ghapol now has a cyan single bladed lightsaber and upgraded Jedi armor. Accadi Durron now has a purple double bladed lightsaber and new leather/arm and leg armor. Rayle McPur now uses Vandar's former blue lightsaber. He has armor that is similar to Starkiller from Star Wars: The Force Unleashed. Quinlan Tur now has a green crossguard ligtsaber and has leather/arm, chest, and leg armor now. Vrook Kreen and Roth-Del Chatak stayed the same. The Jedi are now fighting to eliminate the First Order and bring balance to the force. The Resistance had finally released the Republic Alliance, which has the most powerful and biggest group of soldiers, warriors, and fleets in the galaxy. The Jedi agreed that Ameesa would be the leader/commander of the Republic Alliance. Roth-Del and Ameesa at this point had now fallen in love. Ameesa had just found out at that point that she had broken the Jedi Code. She told her brother, Vandar, about her love for Roth-Del. Vandar gave his word to Ameesa that he would never tell the Jedi Order that Ameesa broke the Jedi Code because Vandar himself broke the Jedi Code for the same reason. Ausar the Vile alerted Vandar that his droid army was ready for combat. Ausar's droid army is just as powerful as both the Alliance Fleet and the Alliance soldiers. Roth-Del was captured by a bounty hunter that was his sister, Sath Dala, and was tooken to the planet of Malachor V. Vandar was told by Accadi to go to Malachor V and help Roth-Del. He told Ameesa when the time is right to bring the Alliance fleet and soldiers to Malachor V. Accadi also said he would gather what Jedi are left and go to Malachor V. Rayle McPur was told to stay with Ameesa for the time being. Ameesa and Rayle became friends and talked to each other a lot. They became good friends to the point where Ameesa was the only friend Rayle had that he could talk about his problems with. On Malachor V, Vandar got Roth-Del and escaped the palace. However, both Vandar and Roth-Del ran into a trap and now Vandar was captured and Roth-Del was captured again. Ameesa sensed this and told the captain of the Alliance to take control of the fleet. Ameesa and Rayle boarded a shuttle and flew to Malachor V. Ameesa would run into a trap and Rayle was captured. Ameesa was with Roth-Del as they were being tied up on a rock pole. Ameesa saw the love Roth-Del had for her and she kissed Roth-De as if they were at a wedding. Their happy? Anyways, without Vandar and the others knowing, Darth Mangus, now the leader of the First Order, has arrived on Malachor V. Now, without Darth Mangus knowing, Accadi and many other Jedi had arrived on Malachor V with the Republic Alliance. Ameesa broke the chains that kept her locked up and grabbed her, Vandar's and Rayle's lightsaber, and grabbed Roth-Del's pistols. Vrook arrived with his ship on Malachor V and Vandar and Ameesa ran off to find Darth Mangus. They found him and confronted him. Ameesa went to strike Mangus down but Mangus used force lightning on Ameesa, allowing Vandar to duel Mangus. Ameesa eventually joined the duel again and Darth Mangus kicked Ameesa off the ledge of the bridge Vandar and Mangus were dueling on. Ameesa landed on grass when one of her soldiers found her and asked her about the mission. She said to complete the mission and she would help the Resistance, Army, and the Alliance along with Roth-Del, Rayle, Accadi, Priv, Quinlan, Vrook, and the Jedi battle the First Order. Back to the duel, Mangus was taking full affect on the duel. Vandar was smart about his every move. But Darth Mangus got him good by cutting off his right hand. Vandar would jump off the bridge and land in the arms of Ameesa. The First Order retreated and left Malachor V. Ameesa took Vandar to a medical center on Tython where the medical center was a tower next to the fleet. They were on the last floor as a 3/4 portion of Vandar's lower arm was replaced by a 3/4 portion prosthetic arm and hand that was resistant to lightsabers and bullets like his armor. Ameesa was watching her fleet take off as Vandar wrapped his right arm around Ameesa's neck. She felt the new prosthetic hand and instantly loved his new hand. The Republic Alliance, along with the Resistance and Republic Army were heading into war with the First Order. Vandar and Ameesa watched Roth-Del take off with Accadi and Vrook, as they were on their way to attempt to restore peace in the galaxy.

Star Wars: The Next Generation Wars Edit

Star Wars: Rise of the Republic III: The Apprentice's Seduction Edit

Star Wars: Rise of the Republic III: The Apprentice's Seduciton is the third and final installment of the Star Wars: Rise of the Republic Trilogy. The story starts one year after the events of Star Wars: Rise of the Republic II. The war had started one year before, and Vandar Lamar still leads the brave Republic Army, while Ameesa Unduli still leads the brave Republic Alliance. Accadi Durron remains the Champion of the Jedi Order and is now the leader of the Jedi Order. During the one year between Rise of the Republic II-III, Ameesa married Roth-Del because she was deeply in love with Roth-Del. Darth Mangus knew that Vandar's power had increased so much over the past year. Mangus's new apprentices, Letha Eclypse and Leth Eclipse, who are twin brother and sister, just like Vandar and Ameesa. The twin siths were once best friends with Vandar and Ameesa when they were all kids on Naboo. That was a couple of years before the attack on Naboo. Ameesa and Vandar dueled Letha and Leth together. Vandar and Ameesa confronted Leth and Letha on Coruscant. Ameesa dueled her former best friend, Letha, while Vandar dueled his former best friend, Leth. Leth and Letha retreated and escaped, leaving Vandar and Ameesa with Darth Mangus. This time, Vandar and Ameesa took Darth Mangus together. Vandar was thrown by Mangus's force push. Mangus buried Vandar with part of a bridge that both him and Ameesa was on with the force. This allowed Ameesa to kick Mangus off the bridge and they would duel. Ameesa and Darth Mangus would get into a lightsaber tie-up, allowing Mangus to fulfill his thoughts about Ameesa. Ameesa breaks out of the tie-up and the clash of lightsabers would continue, this time at a faster and faster rate. Ameesa cut off both of Darth Mangus's hands and she cuts off Mangus's head, killing him. She goes to Vandar, picked him up, put him over her shoulders, and ran to their ship on the other side. Along the way, Rayle, Accadi, Roth-Del, Quinlan, and Priv caught up with Ameesa. At that point, Vandar wakes up and Ameesa puts him down. Vandar tells Ameesa where the ship is, and the others all followed Vandar to the ship, where Vrook was waiting for them. Darth Mangus's death triggered the General of the First Order, General Lord Kryft. Lord landed on Dathomir, where he would set up a base on the planet. Vandar and the Jedi Order were aware of this. The Jedi wanted Ameesa to go to Dathomir, but they said Vandar should go to Dathomir with Ausar and his droid army. The Jedi told Ameesa to stay in command of the Alliance fleet in space to hold off any enemies landing on any of the Republic planets. Vandar arrived on Dathomir and set up a base with Ausar and his droid army. Vandar found General Lord's location, and took a planet cruiser to the General's location. Vandar confronted General Lord Kryft, and dueled him. Rayle had a problem he had to get off his chest and he went to find Ameesa. He couldn't find her, so he went to talk with Chancellor D'oon. Rayle found out that Chancellor D'oon was the Sith Lord the Jedi were looking for. Rayle told Master Satele Shan about the situation, and she found out that the Jedi's fears have been discovered. Back on Dathomir, Vandar was still dueling with General Lord. Ausar and his droid army had just attacked the Stormtroopers on the planet and at the base. This distracted the General, allowing Vandar to shoot his chest, strike him with his lightsaber, and watch General Lord Kryft die. By then, Master Satele and the few Jedi that went with her went to City of Tython to the Senate Tower to confront the former chancellor, Chancellor D'oon. He and Master Satele dueled as D'oon, or Darth Akken, killed the other three Jedi that were with Master Satele. They dueled until D'oon was tooken down by the big window they broke which showed the skyline of the City of Tython. Rayle would run into the room and at this moment, D'oon, now Darth Akken, used force lightning on Master Satele. The lightning would hit the ligtsaber blade of Master Satele, and eventually would stop due to the injuries Akken had suffered. Satele was ready to kill Akken and Rayle cut off Satele's hand just as she had swund her lightsaber in a killing blow. This allowed Akken to use the force lightning on Satele and sent her flying out of the window. Rayle was dissapointed and bowed down to Darth Akken. Rayle had now been seduced to the dark side of the force. Rayle was ordered to go to the Jedi Temple on Tython and embark a attack on the Jedi at the temple. Darth Akken told his commander on Dathomir to execute Order 67, which would be the eradication of the Jedi Order. On Dathomir, the commander had accepted the order and shot Vandar's planet cruiser. Vandar survived the 60 story drop into a lake. The Jedi across the galaxy were also affected by Order 67. Two troops that belonged to Darth Akken were on Ameesa's main Star Destroyer, Execution X, with Ameesa on board. They attempted to kill Ameesa but she turned around and cut the troops heads off. Damn Ameesa, evil much? Ameesa sensed that Vandar was dead, when he really wasn't. She got a hologram call from Vandar, asking where to meet her. Vandar drove the ship into Execution X, where he would meet up Ameesa. She hugged Vandar because she was worried about Vandar. Vandar, Ameesa, and the Republic Alliance got to work. Vandar, Ameesa, and Accadi, along with the Alliance, went to Tython to help the Jedi at the Temple. Rayle had flown to the planet of Dromund Kass, where he would kill the separatists of the First Order. Vandar, Ameesa, Accadi, and the Alliance landed on Tython to help the Jedi in the Jedi Temple on Tython. Part of the First Order's fleet attacked the planet of Odessen where the Republic Army would reside. The remains of the First Order's fleet would attack Dromund Kass, where the rest of the Republic Army would reside. This would cause the Battle of Tython, the Battle of Odessen, and the Battle of Dromund Kass. Vandar sensed that his former apprentice, Rayle, had turned to the dark side. Ameesa didn't believe him, and Vandar found Rayle's location. Vandar, Ameesa, and Roth-Del took a shuttle and went to Dromund Kass. Vandar stayed in the shuttle as Ameesa and Roth-Del walked off the shuttle and confronted Rayle, who was now known as dath Zettach. Rayle force choked Roth-Del to death, allowing Ameesa to go check on Roth-Del. Roth-Del died in Ameesa's arms as Rayle pulled out his blue lightsaber. Ameesa pulled out her yellow lightsaber and they dueled for a few minutes. Rayle would force choke Ameesa, not to death. Now, Vandar walked off the ramp of the Shuttle as Rayle stopped force choking Ameesa. She dropped as Rayle deactivated his lightsaber. Vandar told Ameesa to go hijack a shuttle and go back to Tython to help the Alliance and the Jedi. Vandar had seen that his rumors were ture, and he pulled out his blue lightsaber. Rayle did the same and their duel began as they were fighting like ruthless barbarians. Ameesa led the Battle of Tython as Quinlan and Priv led the Battle of Odessen and the commander of the Republic Army lead the Battle of Dromund Kass. Ameesa led the Jedi to battle just as the Alliance arrived on Tython and defeated the enemy. The Republic had won the Battle of Tython. Quinlan and Priv forced the Republic Army to retreat due to the intense power, allowing the First Order to be defeated by the Alliance. The Republic won the Battle of Odessen. The Battle of Dromund Kass was still going on as Vandar and Rayle were still dueling. Ames went to the Senate Tower on Tython and confronted Darth Akken. They dueled inside the Senate Tower while Vandar and Rayle dueled on the now fire-filled Dromund Kass. Darth Akken retreated, allowing Ameesa to return to the Jedi Temple to meet up the surviving Jedi. This would also lead to Rayle’s defeat. He attempted to kill Vandar with his power, but Vandar struck down Rayle with his knowledge, cutting off his arms and legs. All Vandar could do was watch Rayle burn from the fierce fires, so he walked away and left the planet of Dromund Kass. Vandar, Quinlan, Priv, and the surviving Jedi went to the Jedi Temple on Tython. Darth Akken had found the burnt Rayle and he took him to a medic where Darth Akken would turn Rayle, now Darth Zettach, into a monster. The Republic Army and Alliance were guarding the known planets of the Republic, as Vandar told the Jedi to go into hiding until the time is right to strike back. Ames wanted to go into hiding with Vandar, but Vandar refused. He told Ameesa to train the next generation, and that he was no longer the key to destroying the First Order. Ameesa agreed with Vandar. She knew it was time for him to go. She kissed Vandar on the cheek, hugged him, and watched Vandar as he walked down the steps of the Jedi Temple and into his mini shuttle. Ameesa went to Naboo to watch over the Jedi Younglings so they would be safe, and the remaining Jedi went into hiding. Vandar had landed on the planet of Balmoria, where he would bow down in front of the sunset on Balmoria, as if he were the ruler of the galaxy.

The End

The Star Wars: Rise of the Republic Trilogy's Light Side Characters Edit

Vandar Lamar Edit


Vandar Lamar in Star Wars: Rise of the Republic III: The Apprentice's Seduction

A legendary, but dark and powerful Jedi Knight, Vandar Lamar was a Jedi Knight of the era of the new Republic during the time of Star Wars Episodes 7-9. Consumed with the dark side of the force, Vandar uses both the light side and dark side powers to combine them into one powerful light side power. Vandar was once a Sith Lord by the name of Darth Torianous. he was extremely powerful in the force and had the ability to create life, healed the ones he loves, and heck even destroy all life in the galaxy. However, he killed his master and turned to the light and became a Jedi. He had to prove that he can be a Jedi because the Jedi can't rush to trust a former enemy, even though Vandar never killed for the Sith. He did the opposite of killing as a Sith Lord. Vandar also has the power to block every dark entity's senses. he used this on the Sith Lords of the First Order so they wouldn't know he was really helping the Resistance form a bigger, stronger, and resilient army for the Republic. Vandar also killed what was at the time his "brothers" and "sisters" of the First Order. He killed them so when he turned to the light, he wouldn't have to worry about many enemies, and we know how that turned out.

Vandar also has a twin sister, Ameesa Unduli, who is strong, wise, an expert duelist, and gifted in the force. Vandar's biggest fear is to lose Ameesa because she is the only family member outside of Vandar who survived the attack on their family. He also fears to lose Ameesa because he loves Ameesa too much to the point where he isn't going to let her death be acceptable to him. Vandar and Ameesa's parents are unknown because they only made a appearance in one or two parts in the story and we don't really know a lot about them, not even I do. Vandar struggles to keep his past behind him, and that's where Ameesa comes into play and helps him. He not only fears losing his beloved twin sister, but he fears to lose his friends in the process. It is for the same reason and if he does lose all of his friends, he will he haunted for life and those moments will consume him to the dark side once more. Vandar yields two blue lightsabers that have the same exact hilt with the same exact designs and the same size blue blade.

Ameesa Unduli Edit


Ameesa Unduli in Star Wars: Rise of the Republic II: The Path to War

The twin sister of Vandar Lamar, Ameesa Unduli was a Jedi Knight who was noble, very smart, an expert duelist, and gifted in the force. Young and beautiful, Ameesa is known to be the "heart" of the Jedi Order. Before she was a Jedi, she was a senator of the Republic. Ameesa is also known to be the loveliest and sweetest character in the whole trilogy knowing that she is kind hearted to everyone she knows. Ameesa is just like her twin brother, Vandar, in so many ways. From their looks, to their powers and abilities, to their personalities, to their fears, and to their quests as heroes, Ameesa and Vandar are alike in almost every way. Well duh, they're twin brother and sister. But their is one thing Vandar had that Ameesa doesn't. Wait what? You might be asking that. But it's true. They don't share all of the same things. The one thing Ameesa doesn't have that Vandar has is the dark side of the force. Vandar was aleways surrounded by the light and dark side of the force. Stuck in a widow between dark and light, Ameesa learned how to not be surrounded by the dark side of the force. Ameesa was never meant to be the dark one of the peanut gallery. She was meant to be the kindest, most respected, sweetest, cutest (by personality not by looks), smartest, and the loveliest character in the entire series. Ameesa once yielded a cyan lightsaber that was lost in the Starkiller Base's shield generator. Ameesa yields two yellow lightsabers, like her brother does. Except her lightsabers are different. One of Ameesa's lightsaber hilts are long in size and the other hilt is short in size. The blades are the same way, one blade is long in size, and the other blade is short in size.

Just like Vandar and everyone else, Ameesa also has fears. Her fears are just like Vandar's fears, except there is only one difference about it. She only fears about losing Vandar for the same reason Vandar fears losing her and everyone else he cares about, including his twin sister, his friends, his soldiers, his Jedi brothers and sisters, and so on and so fourth. Ameesa fears losing Vandar because she has no one to look up to in the loving, caring way of the sibilings. If Ameesa lost Vandar, she would join him in death. Even when Vandar goes on deadly missions and eventually they have to go rogue, they still manage a way to have each other in a mission together. Ameesa's fear becomes a common thing in her mind when Vandar goes on missions that could be the death of him. But they always get lucky because they're twin brother and sister and that's what happens when you bond together and get the whole galaxy's attention.

Accadi Durron Edit

A strict and loyal member of the Jedi Council with a double bladed purple lightsaber, Accadi Durron was the Champion of the Jedi Order. He was a loyal and greatful Jedi Master who had hope for the Republic and the galaxy. He leads the Jedi Order with the attempt to stop the evil in the galaxy, bring balance to the force, and bring peace to the galaxy. Accadi was one of a dozen Jedi Knights who was at very high ranks as a Jedi, following Vandar Lamar, Ameesa Unduli, Priv Ghapol, Satele Shan, and seven other Jedi. Accadi as we all know is very strict about his orders and there's a reason why he is. Accadi is one of those Jedi who want any mission or campaign to be fought properly and to pass every order as planned. Accadi does know that what he requests can't be done every time, but he does know that fighting a battle properly is the key to winning a battle.

Accadi doesn't really fear anything It really isn't said in the trilogy if he even has fears to begin with. Accadi was always faithful and loyal, with no fears at all. He fought bravely with the Jedi, soldiers, and the Alliance. Even though the story never tells us if Accadi has any fears, he has to have a fear or two. However, his fears are unknown. Accadi is also known to be not only one of the most powerful Jedi Knights on the council, but he's much rather considered to be one of the bravest Jedi Knights on the council and in the entire trilogy. Accadi is also one of the most respected Jedi on the council and the people of the galaxy accept his talent and his passion of hope and peace in the galaxy.

Quinlan Tur Edit

One of the more talented Jedi Knights on the council, Quinlan Tur was a Jedi Knight who was once the leader of the Republic Army. After a while, Quinlan became the leader of the Jedi Order, allowing him to lead a battle with the Republic Fleet (not the Republic Alliance Fleet). Quinlan is like any other Jedi on the council. He is known to be one of the most talented Jedi in the order, but he isn't at high ranks. There is a reason as to why Quinlan is not at high ranks. The reason is because not only is Quinlan's talent in full effect, but along with that comes his arrogance. What do I mean by that? Let me explain. You see, knowing that Quinlan had great talents, with his talents, comes his arrogance. This means that Quinlan has an uncontrollable anger (not anger like Vandar, Rayle, etc.), passion for power, and gets angry whenever he fails to save someone or doesn't complete a mission.

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Republic Alliance Fleet- Execution X (Procurator-class Star Destroyer), Legacy-class Star Destroyer, Pheobus-class Star Destroyer, Venator-class Star Destroyer, Arquitens-class Star Destroyer, Prasator-class Star Destroyer Edit

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First Order Fleet and Starfighters Edit

First Order Fleet- Extermination LV (Resurgent-class Battle Cruiser), Basileus-class Star Destroyer, Praetor-class Star Destroyer, Praetorian-class Star Destroyer, Procurator-class Star Destroyer, Resurgent-class Star Destroyer Edit

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Ausar the Vile's Fleet and Starfighters Edit

Ausar the Vile's Fleet- Annihilation XLV (Eclipse-class Star Destroyer), CCS Star Destroyer, CCS Star Cruiser, Confederate Gunboat, Calypso-class Star Destroyer, Paris-class Star Destroyer Edit

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Battles in Star Wars: Rise of the Republic III: The Apprentice's Seduction Edit

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