Perhaps the most hardest thing to talk about for fans of this WWE wrestler, Chris Benoit suddenly killed his wife, son, and himself. But, what caused this? Why did Chris go into a sudden state of killing his own family? Was it physical issues? Drugs? What caused it? WWE is no secret to real injuries and drugs, maybe one of the two (or both) could've caused this.

Injuries Edit

It's no secret that in WWE, real injuries could occur. Taking severe blows to the head can really mess someone up. Although WWE is just entertainment, these are still human beings taking all of this. Chris Benoit has been praised by a lot of people throughout his career. Just like everyone else, he can have some brutal matches. It's possible that the wrestler could've taken one of those severe head injuries and was not thinking straight.

Drugs Edit

Again, WWE is no secret to wrestlers that do drugs. Some wrestlers in fact take steroids. Maybe Chris was a victim of the dangers of steroids. Although, he was tested multiple times and no signs of drugs were found during his career.

Possible Depression? Edit

Depression is a horrible thing to have, and it's possible that Chris was a victim of it. It's worth noting that during his last years, a lot of his friends have died, including Eddie Guerrero.