Reviewer: Armored Werewolf

I put myself through the most ridiculous crap ever. Memes were great at first, now they are just a complete plague that infects the whole internet. Here are my personal worst memes of all time.

Alex is a Stupid N***** Edit

I apologize for the blatant racism that this god awful meme shows. The meme originated from YouTuber and live-streamer Keemstar where he got angry during a livestream...years ago. This meme is not funny in any way. The backstory is very vague and tells us nothing that lead to this breakdown.

Gabe The Dog Edit

We go from blatant racism to the most pointless meme in history. It's literally just a small dog barking at the camera the whole time. The one "memeish" part is the uploader calling barks "borks". Poor internet slang with the most needed video in history, we definitely needed this to get popular.

We Are Number One Edit

Remember when memes were short and sweet, and not an entire song? To be fair, Never Gonna Give You Up was like that, but it was a good meme because it can be used as a prank. This is just...ass. The lyrics are cringeworthy, the visuals are bad, and the numerous remixes are downright absurd. Oh and let's not forget, there's a Gabe The Dog remix...kill me now please.

Idubzz Edit

"I have crippling depression", "I have osteoporosis", "I'm gay", "I want to die", oh boy this meme makes me want to get osteoporosis. How the hell does just random words become a meme? Oh wait popularity makes quotes.

Shut the F**k Up Edit

No no, not the Penn and Teller line. That actually has some context. This song just came right out of nowhere. And the genius to start this was Filthy Frank. The same cringe channel that bought us "It's Time To Stop" and the Pink Guy. The lyrics seriously go; "Shut the F**k up, you're a f**king c*nt." Yay, the cringe-inducing songs with no context whatsoever.

It's The Nutshack Edit

Oh boy, a bad cartoon with a bad intro becoming a meme? What the literal hell kind of world are we living in now? YouTube is full of videos of the Nutshack intro but edited in some way. This meme is a plague that needs to be vaccinated as soon as possible, we don't want it to spread.

TheLegend27 Edit

I'm supposed to be enjoying YouTube but this one ad keeps kicking my ass. "Is it TheLegend27-" STOP. It's crap like this that makes me put AdBlock on. One of the most over-advertised games in history, Game of War: Fire Age brings us this disaster. All because of god awful ads like these, I now pronounce the AdBlock as my lord and savior. Wait, there's another god awful ad that somehow became a meme.


No my keyboard didn't break. No I didn't loose my goddamn mind and hold the A button. Well, to be fair I did. But either way, this is the worst ad on all of YouTube. Worse than the scam ads. This ad and one DirectTV ad are hands down the most obnoxious ads I've ever witnessed. Only consisting of annoying music. No dialogue, no other sounds, nothing. Google uses this music that literally only goes "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA" to advertise their own search engine. Like Google Search needs anymore advertising...

Cash Me Outside, How Bout Dah? Edit

Dr. Phil had a moment where a girl spouts out this broken english sentence...last year. This is another thing with memes. They take something that happened years ago, yet now they make it a meme. Same thing with Big Smoke...speaking of...

Big Smoke Edit

"I'll have two number 9s, a number 9 large, a number 6 with extra dip, a number 7, two number 45s, one with cheese, and a large soda." Ruining the best character from GTA: San Andreas, Big Smoke had various quotes that became memes. "All we had to do, was follow the damn train CJ" for example. How long did the memers take to ruin this character you ask? Well, GTA: San Andreas came out in 2004. And these horrible memes began in 2016.

9/11 Edit

Haha isn't thousands of people dying at the hands of a terrorist group funny? Because I sure as hell think not. We have memes showing AT-ATs from Star Wars shooting the world trade center, Kool-Aid man jumping through the towers, Nyan Cat hitting the towers, towers hitting planes, you name it.

Holocaust Edit

"Hitler did nothing wrong." "Orange jews- 100% concentrated." "Why didn't Anne Frank finish her diary? She needed more concentration." Badum Tiss HAHAHAHAHAHA no.

Autism Edit

Haha isn't autism funny? This one is kinda a stretch because autism is mostly used as an insult these days. Either way, you say something and someone goes "are you autistic?"

Overall Edit

Memes from the early 2000s were barely annoying. Sure it was annoying when you got "Rick-Rolled" by Never Gonna Give You Up, but you can still laugh at it. 2015, the memes got a little crazy but still funny in some ways with the MLG 420 remixes. But 2016 and 2017 had the worst cases.