Reviewer: Armored Werewolf

Ever had one or more ads that annoyed the living hell out of you? Or have you seen an ad that makes you go: "well that was pointless." This review is all about those.

Samsung Rosenberg Edit

"This is Rosenberg, he loves taking pictures." This is some random dog no one cares about who gets photographed all the time. How is this supposed to advertise phones exactly?


People on YouTube, your ears are in my prayers. Google decided "hey our search engine isn't getting enough attention. Let's advertise our search engine with annoying music and footage made in Instagram Boomerang!" And thus, the most obnoxious ad ever made was born. There is an easy competitor though.

Extra Strength Five Hour Energy Edit

No voices, just music. But the music is so loud and obnoxious.

TheLegend27 Edit

I'm supposed to enjoy YouTube, but this one ad keeps kicking my ass. "Is it TheLegend27-" STOP. Ok, I already made that joke on my Worst Memes Ever review.

Playstation 4 Love It Edit

5 seconds of someone going "I love it love it love it love it love it." This ad can go die with the Playstation 4.

Truth: Tobacco In Black Neighborhoods Edit

Truth in general is terrible, but this is the most blatant racism at its finest. This ad is literally just a girl walking into a black neighborhood and points out how black neighborhoods have 10x more tobacco ads. So according to this ad, if you see a tobacco ad, you are entering or already in a black neighborhood.

Fishy Fishy Edit

You don't see this ad anymore, and thank god. Seeing this ad makes me want to kill the nearest fish. I know that's really short but...just screw it.

Canada Edit

Again, an ad that lasts for about 6 seconds, but with annoying as hell music. And what is it trying to advertise? Canada...I'm not kidding.

Headon, Apply Directly To The Forehead Edit

"Headon, apply directly to the forehead. Headon, apply directly to the forehead. Headon, apply directly to the forehead. Headon, apply directly to the-" WHAT IS THIS? Who thought this was a good idea? You'll be hearing this in your dreams.

One DirectTV AdEdit

I forgot most about this one, other than it was also downright obnoxious. Just like AAAAAAAAAA, its annoying music and I think repeating footage. It's probably a good thing I don't remember that much about it.

Puppy Monkey Baby Edit

...WHAT. THE. HELL? What kind of drugs were they taking? I'm just... I don't even know. Watch it yourself if you want but

Free Codes and Games Ads Edit

Scam ads exist on YouTube. Yep, scam ads. "Free 100 gems on this game, totally not a scam." "Play Five Nights at Freddy's for free!" At first, they are only pictures that show up on the side of a website. But now these tumors are being advertised on YouTube. Video ads and all.

Spongmonkeys Quiznos (I hope I spelt those right) Edit

Spongmonkeys is a strange music video called We Like The Moon, that consists of a banjo, an obnoxious singer, and just downright strange lyrics. "We like the moon, but not as much as a spoon, as that's used for eating soup." Quiznos (I hope I spelt that right) used them in their ad singing We Love The Subs. The funny thing is, this didn't become a meme. Shocking I know, considering how low the bar is for memes now.

Queen Of The South Music Video Edit

Speaking of god awful music videos, here we have a cringeworthy and boring show on USA, with an obnoxious ad. Here, we see some random girl rapping...that's it. She sits there, rapping, switching to clips of the show, cuts back to her, and repeat. I'm sitting here watching Monday Night RAW or Smackdown Live, then I get this.

Final Fantasy XIV Mobile Edit

I may be talking about the wrong one, but whatever. It's another god awful Game of War clone that is over-advertised beyond belief. Just showing a character and watching as armor gets dragged onto him...that's it. YEAH THAT WILL HELP SELL YOUR GAME.