Reviewer: Armored Werewolf

Trends can be interesting, but for God's sake, what the bloody Hell started these?

Fidget Spinners Edit

One circle with 3 other circles attached and it spins. May I ask what is so interesting about this? You can make other things spin. I guess if you need to kill time or are under stress, pick this...thing up and give it a spin. Makes good use on a guitar though, that's a plus.

Duck Face Edit

Duck face? Oh yeah you make a face like you're about to kiss the camera. I wonder if Snapchat has a filter that makes you look more like a duck. Not like you need it however.

Dog Filter Edit

Nevermind, this is worse. Seriously, you look ridiculous.


Nope even worse. Oh dear god. You look like a bloody- that's worse. HOW MANY OF THESE DAMN THINGS ARE THERE?

Don't Judge A Book By Its Cover "Challenge" Edit

Challenges, jump into snow in your underwear, pour a bucket of ice on your head, you name it. But, someone said; "Let me start a challenge where you make yourself look like a bloody idiot, cover the screen, and then look as best as you possibly can." Thank god this trend is over. My Instagram and Facebook timelines have been begging for mercy during this time.

Musically Edit

Okay, the song you picked sucks and your lip-syncing is about as accurate as a Tommy Wiseau film.