Reviewer: Armored Werewolf

Some things on the internet are just so annoying. So, here are the biggest steaming pieces of crap you can find on here.

Spam Edit

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1337 $P34K Edit

$0, c4n y0u r34d th1$? 1 $ur3 c4n't.

Memes Edit

See my Worst Memes Ever review.

Doing Wrong/Can Kill You videos Edit

So... drinking fruit juice and having my legs crossed can kill me? Care to list any resources? No? Okay... you lost all credibility there.

Blind Hate Edit

"Hey you! Yeah you! You voted for Trump? Look! People who are here illegally are being deported for crimes they totally did not commit! This is all your fault!" -Genius

"You there, the guy with a My Little Pony picture as your profile picture. Yeah, you're a pedophile f***** who rapes kids, kill yourself. You watch a show that is totally not made for everyone." -Genius 2

"You play this game I never even played, and the game has an annoying fanbase. Which automatically means you're gay." -Genius 3

Low Subscriber Count Comments Edit

"HAHAHAHAHAHAH you only have 80 subs and I only have 1 you suck! HAHAHAHA-" STOP. Every big YouTuber has had low subs at some point, and according to your account, you shouldn't be talking.

You Post This Edit

"You post gaming videos, what a lonely f****r" - Genius

"You post FNaF content, kill yourself" - Genius 2

Kids in Online Games Edit

Picture this, you're having fun in your favorite online shooter. You kill someone named "XXToxicKillerSnipezXX", only to hear "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA".

Social Media Porn Bots Edit

Porn, porn, and more porn, thank you Twitter, I totally wanted to see this when I sign on. But seriously, all these porn bots are like tumors on an otherwise decent site. No matter how much reports I throw at them, nothing happens. You can also put Kik, Skype, and I guess Instagram in this category as well.

Forcefully Added Into Groups Edit

Just chilling, only to find out some idiot added you into a group without authorization.

Avertisements Edit

Again, I did my own review. --> Worst Ads Ever