Reviewer: Armored Werewolf

Oh boy, I have dreaded doing this. I will be talking about the ENTIRE series. Starting from Generation 1 from 1984 to the current day.

Generation 1 Edit

Now to be fair, the series had to start somewhere. The first series had plenty of girly elements that I was able to take. There were two cartoons from this generation; My Little Pony n' Friends and Tales. Get this, My Little Pony n' Friends is about a fantasy world full of adventure. What is Tales about? Friends and relationship problems. I have to credit fellow YouTuber Mr. Enter about that. How the hell did I not see that? Anyways, the Friends series didn't have too much crap to talk about.

Trust me, I went to Hell and back, nothing to talk about. Well, I found one small flaw. During the intro of the episode "Escape from Midnight Castle", one character Firefly says something I have trouble trying to understand. She says "I'm going for the double inside out loop." What the hell is a "double inside out loop"? Going backwards perhaps? If you try that, you're going to break your skull faster than you can say "what the hell am I talking about?" As for the good, well...the voice acting is alright and the animation is actually decent for its time. No one ever seems to talk about generation 1 and I really don't understand why. I mean, fans of generation 4 might not like it because of how bad it looks compared to today. But it pretty much gave birth to the series.

Tales on the other hand, oh my god. There is a lot of crap to be witnessed here. The intro, isn't too bad. But the singer has the enthusiasm as someone speaking at a funeral. Every episode I watched had me cringing and facepalming more times than I can count. One of the episodes called "Shop Talk" has the absolute worst message from a show meant to deliver a message. During the episode, its meant to tell us about how rumors and gossip are bad. Nice concept, but the execution was done poorly. Why? Because the main characters begin to do it, and the way they talk about it. It seriously sounded like the moral was "gossip and rumors are okay, as long as they aren't about you." I won't spoil it, check it out for yourself. Oh and let's not forget, Bon Bon (a character from generation 4 who was in Tales) for some reason has yellow skin in this series. I was going to make a Simpsons joke, but it honestly wouldn't fit.

Generation 2 Edit

There is nothing to talk about here. Why? There are no cartoons. I wish I was kidding, but no. Generation 2 is only a toy line. I can try to look at it. But I don't have any of the toys and don't want to look them up. I prefer to not look at plastic abominations that barely resemble the characters. Let's move on to the worst part.

Generation 3 Edit

Oh my, Generation 3 must be the absolute worst part of the entire franchise. The shows, if you can call them that, are all on VHS tapes. I'm not kidding. DVDs are here, but no. We're in the year 2003 and they still use VHS. Keeping up with the old-school technology I guess. Every "episode" is on one of these. Oh and most of them, are only 20 minutes. 20 minutes on a VHS tape, how clever. You can make your own damn movie with the abomination you purchased.

The animation, dear god, kill it! For 2000's animation, G3 has animation that would make Problem Solverz, Angela Anaconda, and Paddy the Pelican like a masterpiece. The voice I never thought girly voices can get so irritating. By the 10 minute mark, I want stand next to a NASA rocket blasting off. I said that Generation 1 was girly, but this one takes that to a whole new dimension. No scratch that, to a whole new universe. I was actually surprised to see Janyse Jaud took part in this. Yeah, the person who voiced Lee and Sarah in Ed Edd n' Eddy.

In the actual movies, we get scenes that make no sense. From playing hopscotch with flowers, using chocolate chips as game pieces, and juggling teacups. I already thought I was on a bad acid trip from the first minutes. "Let's make a bracelet out of berries". Well, can't wait to see how that holds up. One more thing, in the episode "A Charming Birthday" we see a large book of all the residents of Ponyville. so they flip through the pages, and there are pictures of them. Doesn't sound so bad, but they took the pictures without them knowing. One of them, even shows a pony taking a bath. What the hell is wrong with the one taking the pictures? Then again, in this LSD infested world, I guess anything goes.

Generation 3.5Edit

Wait, WHAT? There is more? Wow, they have improved a lot. There are only 2 things for this small generation. A movie called "Twinkle Wish Adventure". I'll admit, the name got me. Twinkle Wish Adventure is a movie, that is 40 minutes long apparently. The animation and art-style has been completely redone, and looks far better than the original. The voices are still hard to listen to, but I got through it with very little trouble.

Okay, so I was notified about something called Newborn Cuties. Again, the name got me. The actual showing is exclusive to the internet. Much like Sweetie Belle's Gumball House Surprise (that's seriously the name). But, DO NOT WATCH IT. If you thought G3 itself was bad, then you haven't seen this. The second (and final) episode has no lip movement or sound effects, and the first one has no real plot.

Generation 4Edit

HALLELUJAH, I FOUND IT! FINALLY, SOMETHING BEARABLE. Wait, this has some problems. Generation 4 (also known as Friendship is Magic), started in 2011 and I'm being completely honest here, I don't mind this show. Some of the characters are okay, the plots are decent, the animation is great, and the voice acting is actually good. They seriously have evolved a lot since the 1980s. Lauren Faust, Tabitha St. Germain, and Tara Strong also take part in this show. Yeah, the three who took part in cartoon legends like Ben 10, Ed Edd n' Eddy, Rugrats, Teen Titans, Powerpuff Girls (original), and Foster's Home. Tabitha took part in Generation 3 as well.  

As for the problems, other than 1 episode that actually made it onto my top 10 worst cartoons of all time list, nothing. I have to look very deep in order to find one problem and the worst I found are a few characters. Those being Snips, Snails, and Angel. Snips and Snails are 2 ponies that are flat out annoying. Snails is the stereotypical dumb one with a Canadian accent for some reason, and Snips is the one with no personality. As for Angel, well, the name couldn't be anymore ironic. I've seen this before, it never worked. Animation errors are actually common in here, but they are so brief and hard to see you hardly even notice them. Ranging from houses randomly disappearing, characters with wrong features (like horns and wings), and even character faces glitching up.  

I wanted to make fun of this one, but I just can't. It's too decent to have a review of its own, and I don't like to do a review on things that are good. Nothing to see here, I'll let this one pass. 

Equestria Girls Edit

Wait, WHAT? They have a movie that takes place in the human world? As it turns out, there is an alternate universe where all the ponies are humans living the typical high-school fantasy life, how creative.

Alright I have looked at it all- wait what? There are video games of this series? Well, let's see. Keep in mind, I haven't played the games yet (maybe won't) and I'm going by screenshots and videos. 

Runaway Rainbow (Gameboy Advance) Edit

Bubble fight, run here, run there, talk to others, THAT'S THE WHOLE GAME. This game, you just run to various locations, talk to ponies, and that's it. Oddly enough, it's actually near identical to the film. With all the same characters.

Pinkie Pie's Party (Nintendo DS) Edit

From my knowledge, this one is completely original. This game focuses on you setting up a party for the character Pinkie Pie... and that's it.

Conclusion Edit

My Little Pony is an all-around alright series. Generation 1 had some problems but all around okay, 3 was torture, and 4 was actually not too bad. If you can look past the girly elements,the songs, and some of the characters, it really isn't as bad as others say. Walt Disney once said "you are dead if you only aim for kids, adults are only kids grown up anyway." Hasbro realized that My Little Pony could be targeted towards a general audience. Generation 4 became successful because Hasbro realized that a family could watch it. When I first saw Friendship is Magic, I didn't enjoy it too much. A few years later, when I looked at the past of this series, I realized how we went from a general girl's show to a series where anyone can enjoy it. If you don't like it, that's okay. I recommend you give Generation 4 a try and maybe 1. But do not touch 3.

The Debate Edit

Some people actually think I like this show, some go to claim that I'm a fan. Let me solve this once and for all with my true final thoughts. I don't think it is too bad. In some cases, I do like it. Generation 4 is for me, the best part about it. Some episodes I did enjoy. Like stated above, Hasbro thought of an audience other than kids. Families can watch this together. I found this show by myself and I liked it more when I was younger. I still like some episodes and even some of the characters are likable. Bottom line, I find it decent. I don't care who says what anymore. I did my final thoughts, this is it.