Reviewer: Armored Werewolf

It's a giant frisbee! Or is it a flat flying saucer? A record perhaps? Nope. It's a laserdisc. Now this is futuristic, an oversized disc that looks like a frisbee with film data on both sides. Once the front side is done, flip to the back, and continue. Who thought this was a good idea? I understand, disc players were brand new. I mean CDs went through many different sizes. But this is incredible. The surprising thing is, it actually works. That wouldn't be so bad, if they weren't so goddamn huge. I am aware that CDs were brand new at the time. In fact some discs can be too small like the Gamecube games for example. But at least you can get a good grip on them. Just grab the sides. With laserdisc, you have to put your finger through the center and grab the side.

The risk of this giant sensitive chunk of glass getting damaged is beyond high. You think normal CDs are easy to break? That's nothing compared to laserdisc.