Author: Armored Werewolf.

You want to know the main reason I barely go into public areas like restaurants and parks? Children. That's it. I swear to god every time I go into my local restaurant to relax, only to see a kid loosing its goddamn mind, I always try to get it over as fast as possible. To be fair, not all kids are like that. Some of them barely say a word or they talk a lot but don't go crazy like a monkey on LSD having a seizure. I'm not kidding some kids are actually like that. The worst cases are actually quite rare but they annoy the absolute hell out of everyone when it happens. Recently I went out to eat. I order the food only to hear "it's my turn, it's my turn" then a sudden burst of crying. Two kids that look under the age of 5 enter. I'm already pissed off and the entire time the parents didn't do a damn thing.

You know parents, if your kid is acting like a monkey with 10 pounds of sugar on LSD having a seizure, you might want to get them under control. Next thing you know, they'll be running up walls throwing plates all over the bloody place. Places that sell toys and games are often the worst cases. 80% of the time I go into my local Toys R Us to get a game or something, I always hear "AAAAAAAAA" nearby. And again, the parents don't do a damn thing. Often times the parents are even worse. One night I went to Seekonk Speedway. A kid was complaining the whole time about feeling ill and the parents didn't do a damn thing. Next thing you know, kid vomits, then they take him home. And in some cases, the parents know the kid will act up, but still bring them. Okay, either take them to another family member, get a babysitter, or put that pacifier in their mouths if you know they're going to act up. Don't just have them with you expecting nothing to happen.

Why is it that people think kids swearing is funny? Videos like that are all over the place and its somehow funny. Do you just have the most generic sense of humor? Because for me and possibly a lot of people, it's not funny. I hear that crap almost every day, and I only laugh if they get pissed off at me in a game. Oh and if your kids are cursing like a damn sailor, you might not want to get them games like Call of Duty. That's why people developed the term, "COD- Children's Online Daycare." Picture this, you're playing a game of Team Fortress 2 or Call of Duty. You're having fun mowing down every one, only to hear a loud squeaky voice going "STOP F****** KILLING ME! YOU F****** N*****!" I didn't need my ears anyways and where are the parents? Oh well, at least everyone gets to hear a good old rage.

Parks, dear god. I go for a walk, and all I hear is squeaky voices, and screaming. Oh well, at least it's not at a store where no one wants to hear it. But even then, kids with bikes, scooters, and skateboards come flying down the walkway at the speed of a goddamn tornado wind and they almost hit everyone in sight.

In the summer of 2017, I decided to pay Water Country a little visit. I always went there as a kid and it's a yearly thing where I go and see if anything changed. And it so happened, that a summer camp was also coming. As you can expect, the pools were crowded beyond belief. My favorite area is the whirlpool, and it was only slightly crowded. I was swimming (and partially walking) along the edges to see how fast I could go around, only to get hit in the back cause someone forgot how to look forward. I understand you don't know how to look forward, but please for the love of god remember how to for one second.