Reviewer: Armored Werewolf

Religious I even need to say anything else? I talked about Booples before, which was Hell. But 25 minutes straight of badly drawn sheep and Microsoft Paint visuals, now this is Hell what I'm looking at. I seriously had to watch this abomination in 2 minute intervals everyday because I can't handle this show. Yes, I nearly tapped out to this show.

The main episode I will be reviewing is called... "Are Ewe Afraid?" So the main gimmick of this show is that "you" is spelled "ewe". The intro starts off in what looks like an auditorium. I was going to do a Vaudevillians joke, but I would have to save that if I do a video review. The whole start is pointless, it jumps right into the horrible singing. "Welcome to our sheepy little show". They just had to didn't they? The sheep and wolves look like first grade paintings. The sheep at least resemble sheep sort of, but the wolves look terrible. "You know, I know, we know, Ewe Know". Again, they just had to..

The show takes place in a farm in Iowa. May I ask why are wolves living on a farm WITH the sheep if they want them dead? Do these farmers even know that the wolves are literally right across from them? The voice acting is terrible. You thought My Little Pony G3 had horrible voices? Try listening to these. The female sheep's voice is so annoying. And the male sheep talk like they have...problems.

We get an overhead view of sheep walking with boxes attached to their backs. It honestly looks like just boxes flying down a walkway. The wolves also suffer from god awful voice acting. The mother and father wolf's voices are fine, but the other ones are bad. One wolf is apparently the cliched dumb one. Mistaking sheep for...buffalos. I'm not kidding. It's as if Snails from MLP and Ed from Ed Edd n' Eddy had a pet wolf and taught him english. Oh and the wolves live inside of a green circle, I guess this also takes place in the Teletubbies universe? The green circle even has an elevator and a pair of binoculars that come out of the ground. Wolves apparently have hidden futuristic technology in a farm in the middle of nowhere.