Reviewer: Armored Werewolf

The big debate that video games causing real life violence. This has been going around for a while now. And honestly, I find this to be a complete joke.

First of all, beautiful assumption. Violence only being caused by gaming? So casually ignore violent movies, TV shows, and even inappropriate music. Sometimes, violence in movies and TV are even worse than gaming. Does anyone even look at different media instead of gaming? Did any of these idiots ever watch the SAW films? Chances are, nope.

Violence in gaming first came to be when Mortal Kombat and Night Trap came out. They definitely shocked a lot of people because blood almost never existed in video games around the time. Nintendo was shocked while SEGA didn't even care. Censoring is a joke. I can understand not wanting to show kids this kind of crap, but either put parental settings or not even buy the game in the first place.

I especially love it when people say "all video games cause violence." Really, even Tetris, Super Mario, and Sonic? Yeah, sure. And they're basically saying that World War II happened because Hitler played Call of Duty. So by this logic, Mario is violent because he jumps on turtles and throws Bowser into lava...even though literally no one actually dies. Oh wait, except the Mario RPG games.

Fox News loves video games. And by that, I mean they love beating them into the ground. When Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 came out, everyone was aware of the "No Russian" mission. Where you play as an undercover CIA agent watching Makarov massacre a Russian airport. What does Fox News say? "In this game you can essentially be a terrorist, kill people, and it's very realistic" -genius.

There is so much wrong with that sentence alone. First off, the game LITERALLY gives you the option to skip it with a warning about disturbing content. Secondly, did they even look at the intro to the mission? The first thing you see is CIA. But no, only pay attention to the gameplay. Lastly, "very realistic." Oh jee, getting shot in the head with a pistol and living, totally realistic. Bringing a giant machine gun and an assault rifle with a grenade launcher attached to an airport with no one seeing? Yep, totally.

Remember back when games were meant for fun and not meant to be taken seriously? I sure do. "The most recent school shooters were video game players." What's the point of telling us this? They played games...who cares? What purpose does that serve? And I love how they don't specify what games. Did they play Mario? Did they play Call of Duty? Did they play Tetris? Specify! Just telling us they played video games doesn't mean jack. So I guess someone shot up places because Tetris blocks were shooting each other? What are these drug addicts talking about?

Bottom line, this claim is an absolute joke. There is no evidence to support this obvious false idea, and as long as someone can prove me wrong, I'll standby saying this is a joke...