Reviewer: Armored Werewolf

GodTube (yes that's a thing), houses a really strange religious cartoon called Booples. Let's just say, claymation has a rough time looking good. Gumby was an exception however. that actually looked good. But crap like this and Dorbees, well...big fail. I talked crap on how 12 Oz. Mouse looked beyond lazy, comparing it to a stoner on MS Paint. But this and Ewe Know look far worse. Since I have to pay to watch a full episode, I stuck to watching various clips that are on YouTube.

The voice acting...Jesus take my soul please. One song is called "David Rocked Goliath". But the voice acting is so terrible, it sounds like they're saying "David F**ked Goliath". Thank you PhantomStrider for pointing that out.

The movements of the characters are so bad, they often just flip the characters back and forth to show dancing. Want them to stand still? Just put their walking animation on screen but don't make it move. No one will notice right? RIGHT? Well, we did notice, and you are lazy.

"When you're feeling to small for God to use, remember this. David Rocked Goliath". Okay first of all, what does that even mean "feeling to small for God to use"? Secondly, why remember that David rocked Goliath if you are "feeling to small for God to use"? Lastly, use God for what?

The Booples have some of the ugliest designs I've ever seen in a kid's show, only rivaled by Teletubbies and Jay Jay The Jetplane. I commented on the voice acting before, but it really is that bad. The singing is hands down the most irritating part. You thought My Little Pony G3 and Ewe Know had terrible singing? You clearly haven't seen Booples.