Reviewer: Armored Werewolf

Adult I need to say anything else? Squidbillies has animation and visuals from Microsoft Paint. King Star King looks like an LSD trip put to animation. Mr. Pickles has visuals that looks like crap and vomit on a piece of paper. And we arrive at 12 Oz. Mouse. the worst of the bunch.

This "show" suffers from designs even worse than Squidbillies and Mr. Pickles combined. No joke, look up 12 Oz. Mouse in Google Images. The reason why it looks like this is apparently because of "budget issues". If you have budget issues THIS bad in the first episode, why even air it? You wasted even more money. Why not improve the other shows? You can make all your cartoons look far better with the money you wasted on this.

The voice acting makes My Little Pony Generation 3 sound like a fine audio book. My Life Me sounds like a Metallica concert compared to this. It seriously sounds like the voice actors were high or drunk and got on the microphone. Not only that, but even the script sounds questionable. A cop (who looks like a blue bowling pin for some reason) asks the mouse if he heard anything. This is seriously how it goes: "you boys, uh, hear anything, bank robbery?" Those commas indicate a long pause in between the lines.

Is this show a joke? Did Adult Swim even think about airing this? How is any adult supposed to sit through this "show" without wanting to punch their TV? I guess because if adults watch it, they don't need to put effort into it. I guess lazy children shows inspired Adult Swim to do this.

So we have a mouse, his pet squirrel (I think), a goddamn square, a cop who looks like a blue bowling pin, and a large head with T-Rex arms. Seriously, the designs are so bad, I have to resort to using my imagination just to comprehend on what I'm witnessing. This is as lazy as cartoons get. Booples and Ewe Know look more complete. At least they have actual backgrounds, not a white piece of paper with outlines of houses. A Very Minty Christmas has better animation. At least Hasbro was trying to make it look complete.

The mouse gets ran over by a car (just because), and his model just moves down and tilts slightly. They couldn't even make someone look ran over. And this is a show aimed at adults.

Bottom line, this is the worst show on Adult Swim I've seen so far. Adult animation can go die for all I care. Family Guy is starting to suck more and more, The Nutshack is annoying, and most of Adult Swim's animations are lazy in their own unique ways. Although, I haven't seen the worst of the worst just yet. No, not even close. I'll go down that road when I get there.