This page details the history of the Armored Werewolf Network. It goes through the earliest versions that we can remember all the way to the current era.

Early L0ST Edit

Fun fact, the L0ST Clan wasn't the first era. It actually started off with just two people. One being Armored Werewolf. The other being Armored Wolf. They were part of a clan called NFHL (from our knowledge), it was a clan on the game Halo: Reach. The clan was a decently big clan and the two were just members. They left due to some disagreements with the leader and began the GAME clan. The GAME clan was basically the early L0ST. Back then, it was only Werewolf and Wolf.

L0ST Starts Edit

The L0ST Clan began at around 2013. The first L0ST era began somewhere in 2013 to somewhere in 2014. It was an era of recruitment, war, and leadership. Armored was known as Minecraftfan13 back then (based off his Xbox gamertag). This was a time where no wars took place, but chaos in the group itself. L0ST only had about 5 people.

Joint Operation Edit

The Joint Operation era was when L0ST and ECH0 clan were allied. They were both mostly seen on Black Ops II. This was the time where Armored threw away that Minecraftfan13 and became what he is now. This era however, didn't last long.

The Split Edit

The Split era is when L0ST and ECH0 became rivals. The ECH0 clan told L0ST to respect them, when they didn't respect L0ST. Here, multiple wars between the 2 took place. ECH0 mostly won, but L0ST fought back and won a few times.

2.0 Edit

The L0ST Clan 2.0 era was a small era that happened alongside The Split. Here, L0ST received a major update with new exclusive content. New hardware was on the way for better videos, more people were volunteering. But, something was missing.

Reformation Edit

The Reformation era (also known as the Rebrand) was an era where L0ST ceased operations and The Armored Werewolf Network began. This is a new and improved L0ST. The wars are over and now Armored Werewolf Network is just a regular content creator group.

Dailymotion Edit

The Dailymotion era was a time where Armored had enough of YouTube and the Content ID mess, so he moved to Dailymotion for about 4 months. He ported a few videos and even began remaking some old ones he no longer has.

The Return Edit

The Return era began when Armored came back to YouTube when even more hardware upgrades took place. Armored showed his new hardware in a July 2016 video. He finally has the ability to pause videos where he couldn't before. Sadly, no more videos came up until November.

V.R.A.W. TV Edit

This era is similar to Joint Operation. Armored Werewolf Network teamed up with the Venomous Rebels and has both groups combined.

New Era Edit

This era is coming soon, but basically Armored opened up a Discord server where the base of operations can be. He also got a new laptop that is more powerful than his last one, allowing for more possibilities, new characters are appearing, and possibility for more advanced filming.