HALOPRO2015 was a member of the L0ST Clan (early version of AWN).

Description Edit

HALOPRO2015 played a character named Master Chief. He was a minor character who mainly appeared in the original Investigations.

Firing and Aftermath Edit

After off camera wars between L0ST and ECH0, Armored Werewolf and Armored Wolf decided the only thing to do was eliminate Halo from the group due to him holding the group back and crippling them. He made one last small appearance on an old version of the Half Human, Half Rat episode of Investigations. After that, he was never mentioned or talked about on any future videos, and the videos he was in went private.

Disappearence? Edit

After his firing, his YouTube and Wikia account went missing.

Trivia Edit

  • The aftermath is similar to WWE and when they found out about the double-murder suicide with Chris Benoit. And the AWN staff said that he won't be mentioned or referenced anymore on camera.