Dimensions is a series of stories that is a parody of the LEGO Dimensions game, taking characters from different series (or dimensions) and combining them into one large world. Here however, most worlds are against each other due to the corruption of one large army known as the Outworld Order.


This story contains content that may not be suitable to certain readers. This story contains language, violence, blood and gore, and mild disturbing content. We recommend readers to be ages 16+ or have a parent/guardian with you.

Prologue Edit

April 19, 2017, 12:00 AM


Unknown Dimension

The following was recorded during an interview with a being only known as "Armored". He witnessed the start of this war between dimensions. Here is what he said:

April 18, 2017. I sure will remember that day. That one day where all hell broke loose inside the realm of fiction. Some group of people tried to take all these fictional things and combine them into one. I was given the power to cross dimensions and I went into one. I was relaxing on a beach in the Animal Crossing world when I saw something. The moon seemed bigger and brighter than normal. Super moons don't happen in this world so this wasn't normal. A small glass jar with a note in it washed up. The note said "Armored, if you're reading this, I must warn you, something is wrong with the dimensions. I saw something that doesn't belong in the Animal Crossing world. You must get everyone out of there."

I heard a loud boom sound as if something blew up. The sky had a bright light shining over the small town. Both the figure and UFO vanished as a large portal opened up where the light was. I ran into the town, created a portal, and ordered an evacuation. All the villagers escaped and I was by myself in the small village.

Aliens began to appear and I had to fight them off alone. I killed about 13 until I was attacked. I was pinned up against the town hall. Some of them looked like they came from the Halo dimension. Others looked like Xenomorphs and Geonosian Soldiers from Alien and Star Wars. I say about 40 or more of them were around. I was taken hostage and thrown into one of the small ships that followed. Fortunately, their security sucked and I was able to take control and enter here. The war between dimensions has began, and they're targeting reality whenever they get the chance.

Day 1: New Era Edit

April 19, 2017, shortly after


Kijuju, Resident Evil dimension.

I found some dimensions that are willing to assist and taking these bastards out. Dimensions that are willing to help in taking out the aliens are the Half-Life, Resident Evil, and the humans in the Halo dimension. Fiction has already began to slowly fuse together, I didn't even need portals to find some worlds. Planets seemed to be the new way to enter the dimensions. I decided to pay the Resident Evil dimension a visit.

A small village in Africa known as Kijuju was reported to have been attacked by a parasite known as Uroboros. This is what happened in Resident Evil 5, but everything was fine when I went. The villagers acted strange, but that's probably because a goddamn werewolf is walking through a small african village. I made my way to the butcher's shop when I felt a strange feeling. I turned around, only to see every villager missing. It's as if one second they're there, the next they weren't. The butcher told me to follow him to a small storage room. He explained that the Uroboros has returned due to the dimensional crossing. He also began to explain that another parasite has ran wild. But this one mutates the host and makes them more hostile than any other virus the Resident Evil dimension has seen.

Resident Evil is no stranger to viruses, but this one can't be from this world. There is no virus that causes instant mutation. I told the butcher to seek shelter and get the BSAA involved. He contacted Chris Redfield and even got Leon S. Kennedy. I made my way to a small house when I heard someone screaming. I charged into the house to see three dead bodies. Parasites that were so big I can see them with my own eyes ran into the mouths of the three bodies. This was the new one I can assume. The bodies shook violently, and rapid mutation began to occur as they slowly rose up...The Flood. I tried to fight it, but it proved a challenge. The body was weak but the claws were sharp as Hell.

I killed it and jumped out the building. The scene from Resident Evil 5 where a horde of infected villagers continuously attacks happened, but with Flood infected humans instead. One flood was bad enough, but a whole goddamn horde was too much. I just ran this time. Even the chickens that attack you got infected. I made it to where the horde returns but no where to run. I had no choice but to survive. Luckily, a stack of tomatoes held a grenade inside of the center and a handgun was nearby. The handgun had one bullet and the grenade was about as effective as throwing an egg. I heard a chopper fly over the village. Chris Redfield was in it. He shot a rocket at the gate where the Executioner was and told me to run. He blew up the other gate in the back and I ran like I did before. The Executioner looked the worse so far. I could barely even recognize it. Anyways, the chopper landed not too far so I proceeded, watching this village get taken over by an inter-dimensional virus.

Day 2: Marshlands Edit

April 20, 2017, 2:22 PM

Unknown Entity

Unknown Dimension

I sure hope Armored got my warning. He doesn't know who I am and he doesn't need to. All that he needs to know is that I can see other worlds, but I cannot access them. I see that The Flood from the Halo world found its way into Kijuju. I sure hope he makes it...

April 20, 2017, 2 hours later


Kijuju to marshlands, Resident Evil dimension.

Redfield and Leon were in a chopper watching over as The Flood began to overtake Uroboros. "I sure as Hell don't want to be down there, you're one brave soul." He said. Leon suggested to just sneak past The Flood as this was the most dangerous virus to go against. Most of them are using guns. The Uroboros can use weapons, but they were limited. These infected were using energy and futuristic ballistic weapons.

"You need to get a boat and head to the marshlands." Leon said. "Wait, how the hell do you know?" Chris asked. "You don't even know this place."

"Dimensions are getting screwed up remember?" I reminded Chris. The boats were still there and we headed to the marshlands. But Flood already beat us there. They noticed me and I fought back. Luckily I didn't get infected. One Flood looked like an alien that got infected. "The door still has the pieces, thank god." Chris said as I proceeded. I heard what sounded like an indian call. The Giant Majinis are still around but all the others were hit by the Flood. After a long endurance of Flood and Giants, I made my way to the other side of the marshlands. The other boat that lead to an abandoned research facility was replaced by a portal. "We'll meet you in the other dimension, we need to find out if the rest of this world changed." Leon said.

Day 2.5: Museum Edit

April 20, 2017, 11:34 PM


Animal Crossing Dimension

Back here, where I saw the first invasion. I found a nearby cellphone and an unknown number began calling. "Hello?" I answered. "You're not one of them are you?" A voice asked. "No, who are you?"

"I am Blathers, I used to run a museum in this once large village. I am trapped inside the Roost cafe that is attached to the museum. The museum has a puzzle ever since the invasion threats." Blathers explained. "Alright, I'll try to find a way to open the Roost and get you out of there." I said before hanging up. I walked into the museum.

The power was out, and the museum looked like a combination of all 4 Animal Crossing games. The large clock in the back had its hands frozen, that must be the door to the Roost. The only exhibit open was the art one, all the others are locked. I walked into the art exhibit to see a bunch of paintings and statues. The eyes on one painting and the hand of a statue looked a bit off. The hand had a key but it was too high to reach. The eyes of a painting were really buttons. The lights came on in the exhibit, only to see the statue with the key missing. In fact, some statues were out of place. One of them stood right beside me. A statue that looked like Adam was holding the key this time.

I grabbed the key, only to hear another part of the exhibit open up. The power went out again as the sound of stone grinding against the floor echoed throughout the room. I went into the other exhibit to see none of the statues in their normal spots and paintings with strange markings. The phone rang again. "Armored, I can hear the statues moving, one of them might attack so watch out." Blathers hung up. He was right, I walked by one and they tried to attack. The statue's fist hit the wall and then broke. A painting of the Mona Lisa had the hidden symbols scratched on the wall beside it: S L 72.

The last door needed that code to open. Here, the room was completely empty. Well, except for the key hanging from a string in the back. It was the key to the insect exhibit. When I grabbed it, all I heard was stone breaking coming from the first room. I made my way to see all the paintings scratched out, and broken rocks all over the place. Well, except for one. The last statue was blocking the door. It was the statue of Adam.

The Adam statue didn't move. It was as if the other statues were blown up from an explosive. I tried looking for one. One painting that was scratched out was revealed to be a fake. A panel opened up to reveal a piece of dynamite. I planted the explosive under the statue. It bent down, grabbed the dynamite and threw it at me. I lit the dynamite and threw it back. It was destroyed.

Day 3: Bugs and Fish. Edit

April 21, 2017, 12:03 AM


Museum, Animal Crossing Dimension

The insect exhibit looked worse than the art one. It smelled terrible as if bodies were decomposing in here. Most of the insects were dead and others were mutated. There seemed to be a pattern of a random wasp swarm. I simply walk through one room only to be attacked by a swarm of wasps. Cicadas, beetles, and spiders grew to sizes I didn't even know were possible. All of them were hostile. The power in this room seemed to rapidly go on and off. I killed one spider that was almost half my size and it had they key to the other room. This room was almost flooded with fire ants and giant hornets. I spotted one of the Flood parasites running around. It was infecting the ants, making them bigger and more dangerous.

I had no weapons so I had to be careful. I tried not to make much noise, it seems they have weak eyesight but great hearing. The second key was stuck inside a fake tree where cicadas lived. I reached for the key and took it out as quiet as possible. The third door opened up and the insects were alerted. All of them went into the third room. I found a rusted broken sword and even an old revolver near a tree. When I entered the last room, the door slammed shut and the insects knew I was in there. I fought them off. I took multiple bites and stings and even the Flood parasite almost got me. I shot the Flood first before fighting off the rest. The key to the fish exhibit fell in the center of the room.

The fish exhibit looked like it suffered the worst. Most of the tanks had no water, but this thick black substance. Some tanks were flat out broken with that same substance leaking out. I touched it and it felt like I was touching slime. It was disgusting and smelled worse than the insect rooms. Scratch marks were all over the walls and even one had text. From what I could tell, it said "reach your hand through it." I suspected that I had to reach into the black stuff to find one of the keys. I found one of the keys inside of it. The next room was all covered in mold and all of the fish were dead. There was even a shark inside one of the big tanks. One odd thing was that what looked like leeches were in the tanks. Leeches are not supposed to be in this world. In fact, these leeches looked like the Half-Life leeches. Speaking of Half-Life, a Ichthyosaur was in one of the tanks. It was dead as well.

The second key was inside the Ichthyosaur. I had to reach my hand through its mouth and touch all over its insides. The last room was laid out like a maze. The same black substance was in the tanks. At the end of the maze laid one giant tank with a shark in it. The key to the dinosaur exhibit was on the floor in front of it. When I grabbed it, the door slammed shut and the same black substance began to leak from the ceiling above the shark tank. It was covering the shark and even began to take the form of some humanoid creature...Uroborus.

Day 3.2: Uroboros Edit

The Resident Evil dimension somehow crossed into the Animal Crossing dimension. Both Flood and Uroborus took over the museum. The whole tank turned black and the glass broke. The other tanks began to slide to the sides as if they knew Uroborus was around. I was locked inside the room with this giant...thing made of black worms and dark slime. It grabbed nearby tanks and even threw them. I sliced off various parts of the body, but they keep coming back. It's as if its entire body has a mind of its own. Arms and even legs keep running towards the body to reattach themselves.

The revolver didn't help much. In fact, there was almost no ammo. I spotted some orange parts on its body and shot at those. Those were the weak spots, and they couldn't be anymore obvious. I shot them, only to see the Uroborus partially sink into the floor and turn into a small pool of dark liquids and constant bubbling. I stabbed it as much as possible, it came back up and grabbed me. I was trapped in the grip of this thing and felt the small parasites crawling all over me. I even felt some go into my mouth and get under my skin. I was able to stab it in one of the weak points and the grip loosened.

One of the tanks broke and a small propane tank came out. I jammed it into the Uroboros. One shot was enough for it to blow up and it melted again. I could tell it was close to death, its movements are getting slower and its getting weaker. I could even see the body of the shark. I tried shooting at it, but to no avail. I repeated the same process as another tank broke and another propane tank came out. One more explosive was enough to finish it off. The door opened up, but I passed out.

Day 4: Saving Blathers Edit

April 24, 2017, 3:33 AM


Museum, Animal Crossing dimension

I had some sort of vision before I finally woke up. I was in what looked like the same beach I was on at the start. I noticed the moon looked brighter than normal, even more than the last time. A bright light shined through and some entity came out and approached me. "You got my message didn't you?" it asked. I took the note out. "Good, I would like to show you what happened, but now is not the time. You must get that owl out of there." The figure vanished and I woke up. The maze was back. I found my way back out and found the last exhibit before opening the Roost. The dinosaur fossils were again, out of place. One of the keys was inside the mouth of a Triceratops. As soon as I grabbed it, the mouth closed. The fossil came to life. The exit door closed as the fossil began to move.

I hid behind the leg of a Stegosaurus, only to have that come to life. I tried something different this time. Instead of trying desperately to mow these damn things down, I tried to manipulate one of them into killing the other, hopefully getting them both killed. I climbed onto the back of the Stegosaurus and rode it into the Triceratops. A large stone that looked like amber was attached to it. I pulled out the stone, to find out that this was the way the fossils came to life.

It wasn't hard to get the other stone out. This honestly seemed really easy. Well, until I got to the last two rooms. I was faced with a horde of Raptors, Pterodactyls, and even a Tyrannosaurus Rex at the end. The second room was just a repeat of the first one. But the last room was easily the most tricky part, I had to climb the T-Rex, grab the key out of its mouth and fight it. I had to climb this thing, make it run into a wall and then grab the stone. This one was on even tighter than normal. It took me about four tries until I finally got it off. I got back to the clock, put the last key in and entered. The Roost looked untouched. Blathers was down there with another villager who did nothing but serve coffee his whole life, Brewster. "Ah, finally another customer," Brewster said. "Oh no he isn't a customer, he's here to get us out of this Hell." Blather informed Brewster. I created a portal and got Blathers and Brewster out of there.

Day 5: Black Mesa Edit

April 25, 2017, 5:04 PM

Leon S. Kennedy & Chris Redfield

Black Mesa Labs, Half-Life Dimension

The old facility looked like it was replaced by another. This place was called Black Mesa. I thought I was entering either the Tricell or Umbrella facility. The zombies here looked strange. They had this weird creature stuck to their head and they had a big hole in their stomach. I took note of three different types. There were the normal ones, the fast moving, and the big but slow ones. Leon was still overlooking Black Mesa and warned me that aliens are also in there. I saw what looked like another person, in a generic suit and tie holding a briefcase. He just stood there and the zombies and aliens acted like he wasn't even there. I killed them and approached the man. He simply vanished when I got close. "Leon, I saw someone. He was acting strange and he simply vanished when I approached." I informed Leon. "Copy that," Leon replied, "Be careful down there, this helicopter is running low on fuel"

I continued through Black Mesa, only to find a lot of aliens and zombies already killed. One alien looked like one of the leaders. I saw that same man, this time in another room with a scientist. The scientist didn't even know he was in there. Again, he vanished when I approached the glass. I turned around and he was right behind me. "You shouldn't be here, Chris Redfield," he spoke. "Who are you and how do you know my name? I asked. He vanished when I asked him that. The power went out and the other scientist went missing. More corpses of aliens and zombies were covering the halls. I continued walking through what once was Black Mesa, now just a home of aliens.

The further I went, the more corpses there were. I began to see soldier and scientist bodies as well. Glasses containing Headcrabs and Houndeyes were busted and they were missing. I heard footsteps and the clang of metal hitting a wall. A door was forced open. A new figure walked in, dress in black and orange. "Gordon?"

Day 5.2: Good Doctor Edit

April 25, 2017, 11:00 PM

Leon S. Kennedy

Black Mesa Labs to Unknown Dimension

So Gordon Freeman is still alive? Honestly I never thought he would make it. I refueled the heli and entered the lab. I got Chris and Gordon and got them out of there. A large portal opened up nearby. It's big enough to take the helicopter with us. Unfortunately, just like the Half-Life universe, Gordon never says a word. He just does what he thinks is right and expects us to follow it. Strangely, it works. Like instead of sneaking past the aliens, he actually fought and won. All with one good crowbar.

The dimension we entered looked strange. The landscape looked great, as if it was untouched. I think we found a dimension we could possibly use since it looks like no one else found it. Then, we saw it. I knew something was off. Through the hills, there was a mine. The mine looked abandoned and for some reason was built right next to a forest. With no road to even follow, why was this here?

Day 6: The Mine Edit

April 26, 2017, 3:33 AM

Gordon Freeman

The Mine, Unknown Dimension

Leon and Chris went off to the forest nearby. I found two dead bodies next to the entrance of the mine. The sign that said the name was all scratched and rusted. As soon as I entered, the large door closed. Luckily, this suit made by Dr. Kliener has a flashlight attachment. The air got cold as I entered through this abandoned mine. When I saw the scratches and graffiti on the walls, I knew what dimension this really was. Drawings of a tall figure, with no face, the words "Don't look" again, and again.


April 26, 2017, 3:46 AM (estimated time)

Gordon Freeman

The Mine, Slender Dimension

The elevator to leave was in the back of the main area. One lone generator in front and broken and rusted mechanics all along the walls. I turned on the generator, one green light and five reds. Six generators, that's how I escape. I heard some rapid heavy breathing in the distance. I followed the noises and saw another human. I approached and it turned quickly. No, this thing wasn't human. It's face had black markings and what appears to be a broken jaw. I took out my crowbar, anticipating a strike from it. But it stood there staring at me. But then, it started to look at something behind me. I turned around. I was met with a dark suit and a blank white face.

Day 6.1: Don't Look Or It Takes You Edit

April 26, 2017, 3:52 AM

Gordon Freeman

The Mine, Slender Dimension

Slenderman looked different though. The suit had stains on it and its face was dirty. I found two more generators and I saw that other creature more frequently. I was lucky to get a few hits on it, but it looked like nothing happens. It was obvious, this thing was invincible to my attacks. But, what if I use something else? I lured it and threw a barrel at it, nothing happened. I tried everything, but nothing worked. I didn't even bother with trying anything on Slenderman though. I just need to look at it for too long or get to close and I'm dead.

I got the fifth generator and things really got crazy. The other monster moved even faster and Slenderman got real aggressive. With its constant teleports and the fact it made no sounds whatsoever, I thought I was done for. But no, I got the last generator and ran. I got to the elevator and the other monster was chasing me. The elevator closed and it got caught in the door. But no, it was still alive. The elevator began to shake. I broke a whole in the ceiling as the elevator began to fall. I was hanging onto the side of the ceiling with nothing but my crowbar. The other monster was missing. I don't know if it died or what. But, Slenderman was also missing. I eventually climbed down and made a brief fall onto the broken elevator. I suffered minor injuries but luckily this suit has a reduced fall damage stat.

The two monsters were really missing. I had nowhere to go. I'm trapped in an abandoned mine in the middle of the hills.

Day 7: Unidentified Threat Edit

April 27, 2017, 5:23 PM


Unknown Dimension

I woke up in a very dark room. I felt as if I was chained up from my hands and feet to the wall. The place was a mess. Corpses of humans and what looked like ponies littered the floor. Whoever put these chains on clearly forgotten the strength I possessed. It was real easy to break them and I was free. I looked around the room trying to find a way out. The lights came on and I heard distant laughing. A door swung open and some...thing came out. It looked like both the Flood and Uroborus got someone. I saw the molded skin of the Flood and the black substance of Uroborus and a being unfortunate enough to get both of them. Despite the fact that the lights were clearly on, this unusual being didn't see me. When I made a run for the door though, it clearly heard me. I continued quietly to the door and was met with a long dark hallway. Almost any sound I made had an echo. I could even hear my own breath echoing. Glass shattering and the occasional moaning kept coming up. Rows after rows of doors were all over the hall. One door however, had a sign, "experiment room."

I opened up the door as quite as possible and peaked in. I don't even want to know what happened. All I saw was Uroborus pieces, Flood mold and almost a river of human blood. After about 3 minutes straight, I finally reached the end. The end though, looked like it didn't even belong there. It was a small metal room and a small hallway. The hall had a staircase to the right that went down. At the bottom was a sign that had the number 1, and another hall connected. At first I thought I was in the SCP world because this same staircase and halls appear in that world. But I was wrong. The hallway lead to a door that took me to what looks like another Resident Evil area. I realized something. If part of the SCP world, part of Resident Evil, and whatever I was in at first all existed together, something isn't right.


April 27, 2017, 5:33 PM


Combined Dimensions

These dimensions are just parts of others mixed together. I explored a facility that appeared to be owned by Tricell. Computers were all busted and the power kept going on and off. I heard something. Distant heavy breathing and sharp objects tapping on metal, Lickers. These deadly creatures from Resident Evil look like big inside-out frogs with really long tongues that can pierce through a human body, and long sharp claws. I saw a few. Some crawling on the floor, and others on the wall. They all appeared to be hunting for something in packs, as if they knew I was in here. There was only one way out of this room, bust the glass. I broke the glass and about four Lickers were after me. I took a few scratches, but nothing that could outright kill me. I killed them and saw a room full of starving animals in cages. Could they be the subjects of an experiment?

Day 8: Outer Worlds Edit

April 28, 2017 1:23 AM

Jarl Balgruuf

Whiterun, Skyrim, Elder Scrolls Dimension

I have heard about this war between worlds. I didn't believe in such nonsense until some guards came in with people not from this world. "Sir, we found some beings that look like they don't belong here," One guard said. I guess I was wrong about this being fake. One of them looked like an ordinary human in a suit and what looks like a ski mask. I told him to say his name and only replied with "Spy." The other one was more aggressive. Constantly struggling and trying to get the guards off him. When I asked him for his name, all he said was "go to Hell you Outworld scum." I was able to get his name, Kano.

A portal opened up close to my throne and Armored appeared with animals from that other dimension. Leon, Gordon, and Chris were also there. Armored warned me and the guards that whatever attacked before is coming here next. I heard gunshots outside.

I got my guards and the others were ready for whatever was behind the big door outside. Armored opened it up slightly and saw the aliens. One of them found a way into my throne room. At first, the thing was invisible, but it made the dumb mistake of uncloaking right next to me. I killed it and some guards went upstairs to where they got in. "I haven't fought anything like these before." Kano said. "I have," Armored replied. "They were responsible for the first invasion."

Aliens began to rush the door and we opened fire. Of course, I never used a gun before. This world is used to bows, crossbows, and swords. Armored, Spy, Leon, Chris, and Kano were the ones with the advanced tech. I denied the offer of using a gun and instead used my bow and some throwing axes. Let's just say, horde after horde of aliens kept on coming. Until, we were forced to retreat. A large mothership was right above Whiterun, firing explosive plasma shots at all the houses. Armored opened up a portal and we entered another dimension.

We were in a wasteland that looks like if a nuclear bomb were to go off. The sea was a glowing yellow and red color, no grass, and tons after tons of broken rocks littered the ground.

Glowing Sea, Boston, Fallout Dimension

Sure enough, Elder Scrolls and Fallout were bound to meet someday. Two of Bethesda's greatest series in the same area. A pip-boy was on the floor right next to what is called the "Glowing Sea". Pip-boys act like a little menu where inventory management and your overall stats are. We checked a map that was built in. What we found amazed us.

Rather than just showing where we are, it even shows neighboring dimensions, nothing shows up for them though since we never saw them. It has the ability to show Silent Hill, Team Fortress, Mortal Kombat, Doom, Halo, and even Star Wars dimensions. We didn't spend much time exploring the Glowing Sea because there was rapid movement of radiation that was present. We decided to head into Silent Hill.

Day 9: Silence Edit

April 29, 2017 12:00 AM

Silent Hill, Silent Hill Dimension


Time seems to be moving faster the more this war happens so sorry if some things seem out of order. Anyways, a large abandoned town covered in a thick layer of fog. I decided to go off alone for this one. The others are already in the Halo dimension so you will see their entry soon.