The Armored Werewolf is the main and title character in the Armored Werewolf Network and also appears in V.R.A.W. TV.

Origin & Backstory Edit

Armored is a werewolf and supernatural hybrid. Originating from misused energy near the edge of reality. The energy was supposed to be used to open up another universe, but ended up connecting incorrectly, spawning Armored.

Personality Edit

Armored tends to be one of the darker members of the group. He also tends to use more edge out of the rest. He can be a jerk but in a comedic way. He also tends to be a smartass and sarcastic when the time is right.

Powers Edit

Armored is part supernatural due to his summon. Aside from supernatural stuff, he also masters in weapon based combat, Mostly using swords, duel-wield pistols, and uses his strength to one hand a two handed weapon (usually a shotgun). He also has the ability to cross dimensions but only as an escape or just to hang around.

In Dimensions Edit

Armored is the main character in Dimensions. He is out fighting the main threats starting with the Aliens. He was the first one to witness the invasion and went out to fight them. He partnered up with other dimensions and went to war.

Minecr4ftf4n13 (2014) Edit

Although Armored technically started in 2013, that first video was removed and went under a different name.